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Voted #1 Best Boat Rentals for 9 years in a row. Island Marine Rental is the best choice for your next outdoor adventure either on land or water. We rent pontoon boats, deck boats, kayaks, paddle boards, scooters and Scoot Coupe’s, the 3-wheel fun sensation that’s sweeping the nation for fun and adventure.

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Do I need to bring my own cooler?
No you do not need to bring a cooler. We will provide one free of charge for every boat. We also offer ice and water by the bottle at our office.
Can I fish off the boat?
Yes you can fish on any of our boats. In fact many have live well systems and fish finders as well. You are required to have a FL saltwater fishing license. All licenses and pole rentals can be purchased at our local bait shops (Redington Bait & Tackle) is the closest. Their phone number is (727) 498-6496.
What type of stand up paddle boards do you have?
We have 12’ paddle boards with a max weight limit of 300lbs. They come with safety gear (life jacket, whistle and paddle). Our staff will train you free of charge as well. You can use these on the Gulf of Mexico and the bay. We also offer Go Pro video camera rentals to catch all the memories as well.
Do I have to wear a bike helmet?
If you are under 16 years of age you are required to wear a bicycle helmet – 16 years old or older you are not required to wear a helmet – However we strongly recommend every person operating a bicycle wear a helmet!
What type of bicycles do you have?
We have brand new beach cruisers – single speed coaster brake bikes for the sand (beach) “Giant Simple Single” and brand new speed bicycles “Giant Cypress DX” hybrid bikes. We also have children bikes and infant carriers.
What type of kayaks do you have?
All of our kayaks are “sit on top” ocean kayaks. We have 9ft and 13ft single kayaks and 13ft tandem kayaks. We also have dollies available to wheel them over to the Gulf of Mexico and transportation straps available if you want to strap them to your vehicle and take them to the Parks.
Are there any scooter restrictions?
Scooters are motor vehicles – they are not allowed on the beaches, sidewalks, bicycle lanes or pedestrian trails and no freeways.
What kind of scooters do you have?
We have brand new Yamaha fuel injected, water cooled, 4 stroke scooters.
What is a Scoot Coupe?
A Scoot Coupe is a 3 wheel scooter like vehicle made for two passengers, with a trunk, yet much more fun, easier to drive than a scooter. It’s the latest rage.
Do I have to wear a helmet when riding a Scooter or Scoot Coupe?
If you are under the age of 21 you are required to wear a helmet. If you are 21 years old or older it is your option to wear a helmet. We strongly recommend everyone wear a helmet! We provide them free of charge.
Do you have 2 person Scooters?
Yes, all our Scooters can handle two handle two people.
How fast do Scooters and Scoot Coupe's go?
Both Scooters and Scoot Coupes are capable of speeds of up to 45 to 50 mph, more than fast enough for travel around the beach. Please note however, neither are allowed on any freeway or highway.
What are the requirements to drive a Scooter or Scoot Coupe?
You must have a valid automobile driver’s license (no temporary or permits) and have previous scooter or moped or dirt bike experience. Sorry, we do not train.
What are the requirements to rent a Scooter or Scoot Coupe?
You must be 18 years or older to sign a scooter rental contract. Fees are the rental price plus 7% FL sales tax plus a $200.00 deposit per scooter.
Can we drink alcohol on the boat?
Everyone on the boat can drink except the driver, zero tolerance, you can lose your automobile driver’s license
Are there any boating limits?
Our limits are Ft Desoto Park (15 miles South) and Anclote Island (19 miles North). Also the deck boats are allowed to go 3 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.
Are there any boating restrictions?
The Pontoon boats and the Bayliner boats are not allowed in the Gulf of Mexico. They stay in the Bay Areas. The Hurricane Deck boats are allowed in the Gulf of Mexico up to 3 miles offshore.
How far ahead should I make a boat reservation?
We recommend as soon as you know for sure what day and time you want to go to call for a reservation. Holidays and weekends usually book up 2 weeks ahead, week days 3 to 7 days ahead in season.
How do I reserve a boat?
When you know what day and time you are planning to go, call us at (727) 595-0000 and we can tell you what boats are available and can reserve one for you with a major credit card; Visa, MC or Discover.
Does the rental price include gas?
The rental price does not include fuel. All of the boats have the most fuel efficient engines on the market.
What are your hours of operation?
9AM to 5PM Daily. However if weather is bad, we may be closed. Check our weather page for updated information. Also, we are closed on Christmas Day and Easter.
How will I be able to navigate the boat?
We do have charts of the area free to our customers and we give a full orientation as well. We also have brand new Garmin GPS navigation systems with depth finders on every boat. All the boating attractions are preprogrammed into these units for you.
What are the requirements to drive a boat?
If you are 25 years old or younger – you are required to have a safe boater’s certificate. If you are 25 years old or older – you need an ID and all drivers must have prior boat driving experience (we do not train).
What are the requirements to rent a boat?
You must be 18 years old or older to legally sign a rental contract. Rental fees are the rental price plus 7% FL sales tax plus fuel (the boat is full when you leave the dock. We fill it back up when you return and you pay for the fuel that was used) and a $500.00 security deposit that is refunded at the end of the day (providing no damages or loss of equipment).

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